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DIY Wedding - Let's Do this!

Do you have all the inspiration and are just dying to DIY your Wedding? But not sure how or where to get started? Here is a perfect article on just how to DIY your wedding like a PRO!  

DIY Wedding How TO:

1.  Check out my DIY Wedding Pinterest board for tons of ideas, products and inspiration! 

2. Always remember that LESS is MORE!  So, try to keep things simple as possible. 

3. BUDGET, BUDGET, BUDGET - make sure that you are paying attention to your budget!  It is best to make a list of everything that you are wanting to DIY - for example: Centerpieces for the Table, Bouquets for the Maids, Bridal Bouquet, Groom and Groomsmen Boutonniere, Wedding Welcome Sign, Guestbook, etc. Then you need to calculate how much you are willing to spend on these DIY projects, and then you probably need to DOUBLE that amount!  Also, you need to account for the "trial period" vs. the "real deal" project.  Picasso didn't get it right the first time, and neither will you. So factor in trial and error money and time as well. And always remember - Shop around to get the best prices on the items that you are needing! 

4. Research - Make sure to be very frugal to get the most out of your money! Search Ebay, Marketplace, resale shops and even yard sales for all of the bargains.  These places are great to look for things like vases, silk flowers, crockery and even furniture.

5. Plan and evaluate what is really important for you to DIY.  If you can hire a bartender for the evening instead of trying to figure out how to make the bar and bartend for yourself could be really worthwhile. Some things are just better to be ordered or hired out.  So, sit down, make a plan and figure out what you can reasonably DIY and what will be more financially responsible to hire/buy.

6. Be very careful about relying on your creative friends to be your DIY team. Friends are amazing and they will want to help but remember that they may not want to help you every weekend for six months. So, again, make a list of your friends that have volunteered to help you with.  Then set up a time for each DIY project and who is going to help you. This will give you piece of mind and your friends will be able to plan for when they are going to be needed. 

7. Shop someone else's wedding.... WHAT? WAIT? No way... YES - in the interest of saving time, you might find that someone else has already done the hard part and already had a wedding similar to yours.  They might be willing selling their decor - a great place to look is Facebook Marketplace.  

8.  Are you planning on doing a DIY bouquet? Why don't you make a couple of practice bouquets, this way to can find the perfect combination that you are looking for. If all else fails, you will still have to time to book a florist. 

9.  Don't think that everything has to be PERFECT - Perfect doesn't exist - so be happy with your perfect, it is what will make you happy. 

10. Last but not least - if you are no longing enjoying your DIY, then you are not laboring for LOVE - you will end up in a state of I wish I would never have started this.  If this happens, take a step back, look at everything and don't forget what is most important - MARRYING THE PERSON OF YOUR DREAMS!  

Whether you DIY all, some and just a little - remember that you are planning the most special day of your life!  Keep everything in perspective and keep your eye on the prize - your soulmate!

Written by Tracee Storie

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